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Five-O Roleplay

"For a Better Tomorrow" Join US

Five-O Roleplay

"For a Better Tomorrow" Join US

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New Website!
Please bare in mind that it is still a work in progress and some things will be changing.

New Forums!
Our new forums are up and running! Make sure to register today!

Welcome To Our Site


We are a FiveM roleplay community dedicated to realistic roleplay as extensive as the game and our imaginations allow.
Our community has several members that come from real law enforcement, medical, and fire rescue backgrounds which helps keep the roleplay as realistic as possible.
We wanted to make a community that we could be proud of and can call home. We want to have fun, enjoy playing together, and make new friends . That's why we made Five-O Roleplay.
We are currently hiring for Law Enforcement and Dispatchers. If you do not want to be a part of either of those departments, you may apply to be a dedicated civilian but there is no current department specifically for the said group. This may change in the future as we move towards a whitelisted server. If you are interested, please use the application above to join us today and again, thank you for visiting Five-O Roleplay. Five-0 Administration


The Key Features of our Job


San Andreas State Police

Currently the only law enforcement agency in San Andreas. The SASP ensures a safe and enjoyable experience in our state.


Dept. of Communications

Providing a means for our citizens and vistors to report any suspicous or criminal activity and ensuring the appropriate services are sent where needed.



The San Andreas Fire and Rescue service provides fire suppression, rescue, and medical service for the state of San Andreas.


Civilian Affairs

Civilian Affairs department ensures that our civilians abide by the code of conduct and server regulations.


Take a look at some of images taken by our community members!

  • Unmarked Cruiser

    Just one of our many custom vehicles.

  • Hookers Towing

    Proudly providing towing, recovery, and roadside services.